Chiniot is the famed historical city of Punjab, located on the bank of river Chenab. Chiniot is also the important city for the future. Sheikh Brothers is the local cast of Chiniot, who are working hard for the welfare of the city as well as for the country. Sheikh Brothers had established different welfare organizations, hospitals and educational centers and also worked for the improvement in IT field.

Anjuman Islamia, the specialized name for Sheikh Brothers, served as the services organization which was established in 1895 to spread knowledge everywhere in the Muslim world. For the people of Chiniot, the Islamia School was buildup by the Anjuman Islamia in 1901, in the shades of great towers of Badshahi Masjid. Later on, Sheikh Brothers spent 5 Lacs to promote the school to the College on the high demand of people of Chiniot.

Anjuman Islamia established Govt. Islamia College Chiniot, on 26th September 1954, to intermediate level classes. By the grace of Allah, the college has earned a strong, dynamic reputation for its delivery of quality education. Due to this reason the college also gets respect from other colleges like the Halley College of Commerce Lahore has set the admission criteria for the students who want to get admission in B.Com that they must be from Halley College of Commerce or Govt. Islamia College Chiniot, otherwise they are not eligible to get admitted.

The college is also famous for the commerce classes that were started from the time when there was no other commerce college in the whole Punjab. Later on, due to high demand from people, degree classes were started in 1963. In early 70’s, the college was stated on public sector like other private institutions, also pre medical and B.Sc classes were started with the passage of time. Afterwards in early 2000, I.CS, M.A (English, Islamiat), B.Com classes were started with time; along with computer subject was also launched on degree level.

Govt. Islamia College, laid on 22 acres area, is located on the main Faisalabad road. The campus is housed in an impressive mixing of new and old building technologies. The Principal’s office, College hall, staff room, well-equipped class rooms, rooms, air-conditioned labs, well-stocked Iqbal library, a great Quaid-e-Azam hostel and a great play ground are the intellectual focal points of the campus.

The campus is divided into different blocks which include Syed Hamid Ali Shah Block, Science Block, Commerce Block, and an old campus block Alamgir Block where classes for and Masters are held these days. In 2005, Anjuman Islamia Karachi spent 7,000,000 rupees to buildup Science block which has well-equipped and air-conditioned 3 labs, and on Computer Lab with 80 Pentium III computers.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, the college gets listed as the most popular colleges in the Punjab. More than1700 students, belonging to the Chiniot city and its connected areas, are in progression. Many students have passed from the college and they are now on the peaks of their ambitions in life. There are around 46 staff members who are working hard to enhance and polish the mind and abilities of the students.